The Commandments of Social Media

Too often I find myself auditing start-ups’  social media channels and “strategy,” or lack-there-of, and wanting to pull my hair out.


To the handicapped in social media marketing, these are very simple “rules” you need to follow that will help organically grow a loyal fan base.

“Managing a brand’s social media presence is a tricky balancing act. The key to being successful? Keeping things polite and professional, and constantly acknowledging your audience’s voice, while adding value or insight to customer exchanges.”
– Scott Steinberg (via Mashable)

via (photo cropped)

1. Thou shalt be patient and considerate.
2. Thou shalt not be indifferent to the voice of thy customer.
3. Thou shalt be true to thyself.
4. Thou shalt think before you post.
5. Thou shalt be brief.
6. Thou shalt not hog the conversation.
7. Thou shalt do good.
8. Thou shalt keep it strictly business.
9. Thou shalt respect the hashtag.
10. Thou shalt not lie.

Read more on each of the commandments and why they’re so important on Mashable.

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