The Tebow Effect

You know you’ve done something BIG when you have more than one hashtag in the top US twitter trends on any given day.

Yes, I’m talking about the announcement of Tebow’s waive from the Jets this AM. 4 out of 10 trending in the US?! That’s news folks, that’s news.

TopTrends_Tebow - Jets

It’s safe to say that with Tebow’s entrance and exit, the New York Jets reaped exactly what I think they always wanted from the poor guy: headlines, top twitter trends, jersey’s, ticket sales.

When asked on her view of the Jets dropping Tebow and picking Geno Smith in the 7th pick of Round 2, friend and New England sports reporter Erika Leigh explains,

“The Jets were clearly not planning to utilize Tim Tebow in the way that he wanted to be involved in their offense, and I can imagine there was some tension there, as there is often times when someone tells you that you can’t do something you’re capable of doing. The team had told Tebow he was free to discuss signing with other teams, but everyone he spoke with wanted to use him as a tight end, and he still wants to be a QB.

Tebow’s mistake was trying to head to NY to be the ‘hero’ for their franchise, as he was the year he took the Broncos to the playoffs when they were a mediocre team. Had he gone to the Jaguars, he might still be there in a QB role, and could be doing well, but my guess is that his NFL career as a QB is over.

I’m not surprised that the Jets released him, as the team was planning to draft a QB all along. As for Geno Smith, I think Ryan Nassib (Syracuse) would’ve been a better fit for the Jets’ struggling offense.

Geno Smith is not an RG III or an Andrew Luck, at least not yet, but he has the potential to be a great QB. If the Jets are careful with him, he could be the franchise QB for years to come.

Obviously, the story line here is that the Jets are going to make Mark Sanchez work for his job again, but I don’t think Geno Smith is ready yet. They also have the option of releasing Sanchez and using McElroy until Smith is ready to play full-time.”


Good luck Tebow, from all of us!

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