Dear Lindsay Lohan

Can you please get it together? What is it about your life that you hate so much? Get the rehab and all the judge and court sh*t over and DONE with and just get on with your life! Why do you insist on prolonging this? Aren’t you tired of looking so drunk and high all the time? Don’t you miss looking clean and beautiful!? 

Here we all thought that your role in “Liz and Dick” may have been your big comeback, but no… like the greedy addict that you are, you had to fall down again and disappoint us.

I think I speak for everyone on this planet, that is a regular media consumer, when I say that we are tired of hearing that you stole something else, that you’re a chain smoker, that you wear an alcohol-monitoring and tracker ankle bracelet, or that you are fleeing rehab. We’re the same age, or rather, I’m a couple of months shy of your age, 26, and don’t seem the least bit concerned about your future.

BREAKING NEWS: as of 10AM this morning, you’ve returned and successfully checked into rehab. Applause, applause. Let’s see how long this lasts.

It’s pathetic and such a poor example for young women our age. Ya know what?Don’t even do it for us, because you obviously don’t care, do it for yourself! Give a sh*t or two and just put it all behind you.

xo, Suaz




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