Today on the Train: Heat Wave

As if the unbearable weather changes haven’t screwed with us enough, we are now in what is estimated to be a 4-day heat wave.


That’s right folks! Let the whiny, bitchy, sweaty princesses of NYC (not excluding myself,) start their rants of FB posts/tweets (hashtag heatwave), Instagram #selfies (#poolside, in #flipflops, #RayBans, and #IcedCoffee,) and blog posts about how disgusting and uncomfortable this wave will be.


I digress.

Today on a crowded, recently re-railed, 1 train I witnessed several people sweating profusely. May I suggest some remedies to your heat wave symptoms?

1. Definitely, please, don’t pass on the deodorant.

2. Skip the starchy button up, go for a very light cotton shirt.

3. Don’t run. Anywhere. Just take your time and tell your boss there are train delays.

4. Carry a water bottle in hand – take a swig when you’re feeling overheated.

5. For those that perspire from simply breathing: carry a towel in your back pocket for wiping sweat. Wiping your beads of sweat with the hand you’re also using to hold on to the bars on the train…is gross and so unsanitary.

03_heat_wave_654_97246. Imagine yourself being hosed down with cold, cold water like this elephant.

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