Comedy & Boat Parties

I guess I should be joyful that my birthday is this week? Meh, I don’t know. I’m a bit unimpressed with turning one-year-closer-to-30, but I’m going to try to make the best of it.

Since my sister’s graduated, come home, and not paid attention to me, I’ve decided to reassess my fun-o-meter because I’m only getting older here and life’s too short.

Moreover, I kicked off my birthday week with an awesome weekend full of comedy and a boat party! Firstly, I must recommend Levity Live at the Palisades Mall.

Comedian/acquaintance, Mark Demayo, hilarious BTW – def worth seeing, headlined at Levity, and so when I was casually invited to a show this past Friday I couldn’t resist. I got to see headliner Aries Spears, who was amazing. Among the many impressions he graced us with, he also performed this freestyle – the man impersonated LL Cool J, Snoop Dog, DMX and JAY Z …to a tee.

Close your eyes while you listen, he is completely on point. The Jay Z verse especially:

Regarding a boat party? Awesome things happened aboard the Noise/Be Magnifico boat Sunday night, most of which were captured in several vines, like this one and this one. Beautiful views and unlimited drinks. How can any of that be wrong?

IMG_5187 IMG_5162

courtesy of @mandoonyc on instagram
courtesy of @mandoonyc on instagram

In short, I’m really just turning 25 again right?

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