Five People You Meet on Instagram, plus 1

God I love Betches Love This. These Betches know their shiz. They’re funny and so so right about everything. Take for instance their latest post, The Five People You Meet on Instagram. Great review of all the annoying instagrammers that make your eyes roll as you scroll through your feed. You should probably unfollow them but you don’t because you know you’ll follow them again… eventually.

The Betches categorized them as follows:


Love their descriptions for each instagrammer too, especially of The Wannabe Celebrity:

This is potentially the worst creature on your feed and ironically the person who Instagram is made for. Her profile will be a haven of full length mirror selfies with the hashtag #ootd, shots of her “arm party,” and pics of her collection of Loubs/Céline bags… read all the details here.

Thank you Betches for being so real! Moreover, I have a 6th addition to the mix which I am a frequent offender of… The Drama Quote Queen.

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This is the girl who is too emotional to upload a selfie or a landscape or a photo of her pet. She simply needs a quote that will help you all understand exactly how she’s feeling. She searches Pinterest Quotes or Tumblr #quotes for just the right quote then screen grab, filter and upload… #instaempathy. And who are we kidding, everyone loves a good emotional quote.

Do you agree Betches?

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