Mindy & Me: Level of Fame

I’m totally sucking at uploading these during peak social media time (for views and engagement, duh) but I keep forgetting the book at home to reference for the post! Putting it in my bag as soon as I finish this so I can upload Day 3 tomorrow around noon! 

Did you read Day 1? All about mine and Mindy’s bullies in HS? For your convenience, click here.

So, today’s Mindy & Me concern moment relates to being famous and the different levels of it. Mindy spends an entire chapter, pages 58 – 63, on “The Exact Level of Fame I Want”.

I found this especially interesting because sometimes, as I consider what I really want out of a “job” or “career”, I think that maybe I’d just be happy if everyone knew me; my face, my name, my twitter handle, etc. I mean, net net/30,000 ft: I enjoy knowing a lot of people and I enjoy being influential and having followers. I’m a born leader!

Of course Mindy found her way to fame by working really hard and struggling financially to live in NYC then LA (read the book!), but I’ve yet to do that. What will make me famous?

While I figure that out, let’s review Mindy’s “exact level of fame” of which I agree with and want.

I obviously want to be super famous and for everyone to love me. That’s why I got into this racket. It helps that I love writing jokes, but let’s face it, that was just the means to an end…

To me, the person with the best fame is Conan O’Brien. When I interned at Late Night, I thought, ‘Wow, this is the guy who has totally nailed being famous’. Nobody cared what he wore, his hair was famously always the same, and he got to sit at the same desk every episode. Clearly he was a hardworking genius, but he was the only famous person I saw who was always being himself.

…But then, behind Paris [Hilton] I saw Sacha Baron Cohen quietly exit the restaurant completely unnoticed, walk up to valet; get in his car, and drive away. None of the paparazzi had any idea who he was, but he was also, like Conan, one of the most respected living comedy icons in the world.

And I thought, Man, I want to be that famous.

Here are some more ways I’d love to be famous…

1. I never wait in line for brunch: – Suaz: TOTALLY. Waiting in line for brunch sucks. I honestly don’t want to wait on any lines!

2. I get to see the Lakers all the time – Suaz: I mean, I’d swap out the Lakers for the Knicks/Nets/Yankees/Jets… but yes, I want those good seats too.

3. Teenagers idolize my look – Suaz: I’m not crazy about this one – I’d rather share the idea of “being yourself” but starting a trend is pretty awesome.

4. If I support a cause, I can actually help it – Suaz: this goes without saying. The problem would be choosing which cause!

5. The Fashion Police slaughter me. Constantly, and I don’t care – Suaz: Iffy about this one too only because I’d hope I had a good sense of style and/or a great stylist!

6. Batshit stuff I wear is immediately considered fashionable – Suaz: Preach, sister! Amen. I don’t want to have to care about what I wear! But it’d be awesome, if/when I didn’t care, that it happened to be strangely fashionable.

7. When I get old, I’m a sight gag for TV shows – Suaz: maybe we didn’t have as much in common? LOL J/K. I can live with or without this one.

8. I can never go to jail – Suaz: who doesn’t want this level of fame? Sign me up.

9. I have to have a pseudonym – Suaz: I’d love one. Who doesn’t? Mindy’s alias would be “Gwendolyn Trundlebed” – I think mine would be “Scarlett O’Hara” – another woman I seem to have some things in common with.

10. My stand-in gets plastic surgery to look more like me – Suaz: while this does show impressive admiration, I can’t help but think of that sad girl who has spent $30K on credit cards to look like Kim K; she looks ridiculous.

11. Kenan Thompson plays me on SNL – Suaz: I’d love if someone played me! But I think I’d like to see more of a Jimmy Fallon do me.


Ok, so technically we don’t have the entire list in common, but 7/11 isn’t bad!

I’m off to figure out what talent or skill of mine will make me famous.

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