All the Things I’ve Felt While Binging Grey’s Anatomy

It’s only in recent history that I’ve gotten into dramatic TV shows. I never watched them in my youth/teens because I was too busy chatting with strangers on AOL.

Thanks to Netflix though, I now have the chance to make up for lost time and binge these shows that people don’t shut up about. Sure ’nuff, I’ve become one of those people. Obsessed. Empathy with characters. Angry at characters. Crying for characters and their broken relationships and lives. They’re my friends.

These ramblings are probably super indicative of serious mental health issues but it’s just a thing that happens when you make such a serious commitment and investment.

I’m almost through season 11 (apparently the drama continues as it’s still airing and on season 14) and these are most of my feels to-date.

  1. I need a neuro consult, stat. #McDreamy
  2. I need a plastics consult, stat. #McSteamy
  3. How is this hospital really running with only a handful of attendings? Is that real life?
  4. Shonda Rhimes is a crazy creative woman (no, I haven’t seen her other dramas)
  5. I could probably save a person’s life at this point. Dr. Suazo to the rescue. Epi. CLEAR. Charge to 200… CLEAR. Bag ‘um… nah, trac um – I got this. Face lac (lash – laceration)?… No, it’s a GSW (gunshot wound). I’m basically a surgeon.
  6. No, but really… if all these attendings are just hooking up and emotionally distraught… who’s taking care of all the patients?
  7. Who is my person? 😦
  8. Karev stresses me out. Will his character ever be more than just resentful and angry?
  9. God Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so hot. Need to see more of him… oh, that’s right. He’s amazing in P.S. I Love You.
  10. Ok. Karev is kind of hot when he’s angry but why can’t he be more like his character Massimo in The Wedding Planner?
  11. I literally can’t take another death.
  12. Who ended up paying Izzy’s hospital bills? Moreover, how do I find a man that leaves me millions in inheritance?
  13. The baseball game episode… priceless. One of my faves.
  14. Who is the older Asian lady always assisting in surgery. Not one line. Always there. True MVP. GOAT.
  15. Jesse Williams has the dreamiest eyes.
  16. Kevin McKidd is the Scottish man of my dreams.
  17. Meredith and Christina – the twisted sisters – growing apart? I can’t.
  18. Although… I have to side with Christina… Meredith is barely ever in surgery.
  19. Are surgeons really this messed up emotionally?
  20. I think I can be a surgeon. Is it too late for med school? Or should I just get this sweatshirt and call it a day?
  21. Can a McDreamy please build me a huge house on the side of a mountain?
  22. I’m glad Karev found Jo (Wilson) – she’s beautiful. Please don’t spoil it for me if they don’t end up together (or she dies or something).

To be continued…


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