Must Haves

Essential possessions.

Maison E. Goyard

well well, a chick finally came close enough to me on the train for me to try and decipher the handwritten designer of the tote I couldn’t name from this post>>. Google confirmed that what I thought read “Segoyard Paris”, really read Maison Goyard, Paris. Goyard totes! Praise jesus I finally figured it out! In […]



LOL. Well well, should I really have been surprised? Ms. JWOWW has a book coming out as well called ” The Rules: According to JWOWW”. It will be available for purchase Feb. 8 and her publishers say it’s going to be FIERCE. A modern take on dating, JWOWW lists her rules that are “Shore-tested secrets” […]


Red-Boots Feeling

Ever seen All About Steve with Sandra Bullock? If not, you probably won’t understand the posts title reference. (cropped) In the movie Sandra (Mary Magdalene Horowitz), wears said red patent leather boots, and it isn’t until the climax of the movie where Mary thinks she may die in her predicament, that we learn why she wears […]


Smart Valentine’s

So, while I’ve never looked forward to Valentine’s Day, the marketing and promotions that come along with it can be very cute and quite SMART. Take for instance, this SmartCar “ForTwo” unwrapped in Japan; a “holiday” where women buy men chocolate, or chocolate cars, as the case may be. Designed by Tadaaki Wakamatsu, the car […]


Limited Edition, Wii

Oh yes. The video-game-neglected girl finally gets a REAL video game console… and it’s a limited edition Wii! The pretty pretty RED console, came with Wii Sports, AND….wait for it…. SUPER MARIO BROS. For those that don’t know me, I was sheltered from video games and soda growing up. Hence my OCD with playing Super […]


Snuggie… slippers!

Black Friday is not something we ‘celebrate’ in our fam! We are totally not the people that go out at 3AM and wait online for anything! We did head to the mall at like 5PM though, and it was nice and quite, and guess what my grandma bought me? Snuggie SLIPPERS! They match my snuggie… […]