Workout Overdrive

No, no bueno. Something I was lucky enough to know and understand when I started my journey down this tough tough world of ‘losing weight’- mostly because I had a couple of trainer friends that were actually trying to get me down this road a looooong time ago. I’ve also been very athletic from school/college- […]


Spin, Spin, Spin to my Lou

Well, well, well. My first night of spinning. An experience to say the least… like everything else in life right? Flat out… NOT THAT BAD. Honestly. There were moments where the resistance was tough, and hell I probably wasn’t adding and removing the resistance at the right time or to the extremes- but otherwise, easier […]


The Commitment

I joined NYSC. Sweet jesus, the day has arrived. I’ve been debating this for weeks, just exactly how I’ll invest in my losing this weight I’ve put on over the years. Whether I’d get a trainer, try it on my own, cancel Planet Fitness, stay with Planet Fitness… it’s been complete mind madness. It must […]