The Commitment

I joined NYSC. Sweet jesus, the day has arrived. I’ve been debating this for weeks, just exactly how I’ll invest in my losing this weight I’ve put on over the years. Whether I’d get a trainer, try it on my own, cancel Planet Fitness, stay with Planet Fitness… it’s been complete mind madness.

It must have been a sign from God, that my mom called Global Fit– part of her benefits package, and they offer the Passport at a SUPER discounted price. I had to join! All the signs led to NYSC:

– I have one literally around the corner from me.

– There’s a pool.

– Classes like spinning, cardio, total body conditioning, zumba, abdominals and more.

– Amazing facility, machines, trainers and staff.

Can not go wrong.

So from this day forward, I will go to NYSC as much as possible for at least 30 mins for cardio. I will get my money’s worth and LOSE THIS WEIGHT!

You just watch and see kids 🙂


  1. Ex Fat Girl

    I have joined so many gyms (Ballys,PF,Lucille) and all have felt like a waste. I dunno if it was my mind set on losing weight or the money j was dishing for NYSC but I fell in love with NYSC! I hope you make the best of it too!!! Summer better watch out Ms.Suaz will be smokin! 😉

  2. GlobalFit

    Congratulations! We’re thrilled that you’re so excited about your GlobalFit discount.

    Please feel free to update us on your progress; we run customer Success Stories in our GO newsletter every month (which you’ll start receiving as a member) and look forward to hearing that you’ve lost that weight for good!

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