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Back to Bikram

…Or back to BASICS really- with a slight advantage. As much as I loved Bikram when I started, and how it helped jump start my weight loss- I was struggling to do the positions well and efficiently, I thought, because of my big ol tummy…. remember when I started? Read more>> So I’ve spent the […]


Total Body Conditioning

A death sentence to say the least. LOL. Defined by NYSC as a workout using weights and/or body bars to promote muscular endurance, flexibility and body alignment- should be more like… crazy instructor looking to have you in a wheel chair- should you decide to take this class more than once a week. LOL. It really […]


Boot Camp

Um… I’ve never really understood the phrase “I got my ass handed to me,” until today; and to think… that the boot camp was “modified” because we weren’t in the gym- christ. I am BEAT. Seriously. Amazing workout, full body circuit boot camp- doing everything from pushups, jacks, jump rope, walking lunges, rowing, squats omg. […]