Hadn’t ever heard of this one…but in my goals to do as much cardio/working out as possible- I’m open to it all! Mr. @WilliamLanier , put me on- he’s a huge fan all the way from TEX ASS of CROSSFIT so when he told me about, and I got a glimpse of his bod:

… I knew I had to give it a shot. He’s going to hate me for this ^^ because I think he’s ever more ripped now- but I can’t find a pic!! Anyway- I gave it a shot this past Wednesday night… FREE beginners class- can’t turn away free things in NYC right?

What was intimidation when I first walked in… turned into a very comfortable environment exemplifying nothing but TEAM WORK and HARD WORK! Here’s just one pic from FB, see more.

Jumped right into the 6:30 beginners class with 5 other people. The trainer Ricky- who of course Will introduced me too, was amazing. Very thorough, and again pushing nothing but team work and encouragement. We learned Crossfit’s special squat… (hahah so much for “learning”), full body stretching, and then circuits- squats into over the head presses, and push ups, as well as mountain climbers and jumping jacks- all done the CORRECT way!

Can definitely see myself going back, BUT it’s slightly pricey and I’m locked into NYSC for at least a year! Doesn’t mean I won’t go back though: as many beginners classes as you want!

What I loved about it most was the encouragement AND the fact that all the workouts are “functional” movements! Things that help you day-to-day.

“CrossFit workouts are functional, varied and intense. They also scale to any ability level—our members range from elite athletes to eighty-something grandmothers—so whatever shape you’re starting from, you’ll be able to jump right in.”

Thanks Willy babes & the boys at CROSSFIT!! Also follow William’s blog The Casual Gent (@thecasualgent).

Just call me Wonder Woman (in time… if I could just grow my hair out that long!):


  1. Christine

    Way to go Wonder Woman!
    They use to have cross-fit on Main St. in Irv. but it got so popular that they grew out of their space and moved over to Elmsford. You should see if they offer any beginner’s programs over there. There is also a Bikram in Elmsford. They aren’t “official” Bikram, but they have do have a few Bikram classes offered as well as Hot Vinyasa classes.
    (Ok enough fun facts from me today!)

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