Metro Homework

Yes yes. I’m all about my social media! Love to follow great brands working hard to make their presence on social uber engaging! Who did it for me today? Metro New York, the free newspaper? Yeah, they have a really great “Club Metro” where you can signup for cool sweeps and contests (my favs!) and just awesome content, everything NYC.

Saw a post on their FB today, re technology and multitasking. Students in an honors program at Temple U were put to the test of not using technology for an entire day! More specifically,

“Go a full day without texting, tweeting, posting on Facebook or otherwise surfing the Web.”

Only 31 made it, 14 failed. They concluded that “multitasking is a myth: Almost everyone using a smartphone while doing another task failed at that other task.”

Huh. What do you think about that? Interesting tidbit there. Personally, as social (in all aspects digital, in person, etc.) as I am- I’ve helped myself not be as fiendish as I could be.

1. Because I still have a blackberry which limits me to a lot of the obsessive “multitasking” that could be taking over my entire life,
2. there is a side of me that knows self-control, probably to firm a grasp of self-control.

I DON’T want to be the girl on the train that  people my senior look at, disgusted because I’m just playing on my phone. I’m old fashioned in that way- so I make sure I have SOMETHING to do. Otherwise, I actually am extremely bored too.

So the homework Metro assigned today wasn’t that bad- they asked we share what it was like to not touch your phone on your commute… I read my book the entire way! (I take the 1 train from 242nd down to 28th- about a 45 minute commute.)

Unfortunately (for this homework), I work in social media- no way I can do the full day proposal from the professor at Temple U- but definitely a great observation and experiment.

What will become of our lives as technology creeps more deeply?

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