What Irks Us

Another exciting moment for me, on Twitter of course! Remember my post on “Catching Zzz’s Somewhere Else“?

Well, that same day I’d noticed the featured “Play” section in the AM New York – a mini section- highlighting ‘social’/street-fun from fans. I decided I’d hustle to get my name/twitter handle mentioned on there! So I went to tweeting:

I sent Graham my post re the sleeper on the train- and he said he’d use it! Followed up and everything, and told me it’d be in Wednesday’s paper. Sadly, I didn’t get the paper day-of and went crazy looking for it to no avail. Finally decided to call today and they said to just go by before 5PM and they’d give me a copy!

To my surprise, he used my full name- when I was hoping they’d use my twitter handle. All good though… LOVE the angle:

What Irks Us: “…standing in a subway station for 10 minutes, anticipating resting our behind on a seat when the train arrives- and then we find some dude spread out across 5 of them, take a snooze. Reader ALEXANDRA SUAZO snapped this photo…” Read the rest on the digital editionpage 11 (that I didn’t even know existed until just now!)

So now you know! Send them funny things whenever… you never know when they’ll pick it up! I ❤ @AMNewYork!

oh. & p.s: got the number for circulation/distribution…. because I hate that every 1 train stop I may take the train from (242nd & 238th St) never have the paper!


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