Subway Anxiety

Food for thought: ever notice how you keep looking up the track for the next train, even when you aren’t in a rush? As if within the last second you looked, you may just see the headlights or the colored circle in the distance?

As if YOUR looking to see if it’s coming is going to make it come any sooner. OH, and forget the danger of potentially falling into the tracks right?!…You know, when you’re really REACHING to look down the tunnel behind the person infront of you, who undoubtably is looking too. How about when you think you see it, but it’s the express in the center track… gets you every time right? Or when you know it’s coming, and you still look again to double check? We are a bunch of crazy, impatient people.

I’m diagnosing us straphangers with Subway Anxiety. Similar to the anxiety people have with their phones– the need to continue checking if someone’s called/texted/emailed/FB’d/Tweeted. I think the MTA has known all along that Subway Anxiety’s been on the rise and tried to ease it by installing those Spoiler Alert timers for when the next train is arriving…. but god forbid you trust it. You keep looking down that track because you know that timer just CANNOT be right.

While I am victim of this all the time, as I’m an anxious person anyway, it’s interesting to watch as an outsider. So I busted out the Suaz Cam at the 28th Street Uptown 1 train platform. I counted about 4 people look down the tunnel 24 times in 2 minutes:

Your challenge for today: BE PATIENT. Acknowledge the yellow strip at the platform, and face the opposite direction while waiting for a train.

Let me know if you can successfully stay safe, calm, and not worry.

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