MetroCard Stages of Grief

That’s it folks, I’m self-diagnosing. I’ve been in MetroCard Damage Grief for the past couple of days, and as of 9:00 this morning I’ve finally reached acceptance. For reference, the 5 stages of grief, or DABDA, per Kubler-Ross, are: Denial | Anger | Bargaining | Depression | Acceptance Monday morning I made the bold, smart, and “economic” decision to purchase […]


Disgruntled MNR Commuter

Dear Metro-North Railroad, On behalf of the hundreds of disgruntled, LATE-for-work, and tired MNR commuters, please don’t ever completely cancel a rush hour express train again…you must be completely out of your minds, you inconsiderate fools! The train I’m referring to is the Hudson line, in-bound 7:44 this AM (from DbsF) which was cancelled for […]


Gaga for HP & Starbucks

One of my favorite media buys/marketing efforts- is OOH & Guerilla marketing, because it allows for out of the box, strategic marketing implementation, which, I die for. NYC MTA allows for major buyouts of their cross-town Shuttle- which every time, is so fantastic to step into, it’s like a completely different world, under the filth, […]