Mindy & Me: On Hooking Up

I’m kind of sad that my “Mindy & Me” series is almost over! Really, the entire point of this was to share how great her book is to women similar to me and Mindy. So, if you haven’t read it… go read it! It’s a great little refreshing distraction.

My fave scene from Season 2 of The Mindy Project.

Today, Mindy and I cover “hooking up”. Mindy’s short rant on hooking up is all about how the term “hooking up” is completely confusing and misused (I agree) by everyone. What does it even mean anymore? Does it mean first base? A home run? Or something in between? Or like, a synonym for …connecting? “Let’s hook up for coffee”??

Mindy explains that because of her lack of “sexual incidents” in high school/college/post grad, preferring “ghost stories with flashlights than tales of raunchy sex encounters”, she’s fallen behind on her terminology.

Some version of this happens to me constantly:

PSYCHED PAL: Oh, hey! I hooked up with Nikki last night.

ME: That’s awesome! You’ve liked her for a while. Nice job.

(We high-five. A pause.)

ME: What do you mean? Did you have sex?

PSYCHED PAL: You’re disgusting.

It’s not that I’m some pervert looking for lurid details… it’s just that I have no idea what you are talking about. There have been times when friends have said they hooked up with someone and all it means is that they had a highly anticipated kissing session. Other times, it’s a full-on-all-night-sexathon.

Can’t we have a universal understanding of the term, once and for all?

From now on, let’s all agree that hooking up = sex.

Everything else is “made out”.

And if you’re older than 28, then just kissing someone doesn’t count for crap and is not even worth mentioning.

I have nothing more to add other than that, Mindy, I totally agree!

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