DIY & How-to

I tried and probably failed but you should try to “do it yourself”.

Fondant, by Hand

So… I’m kind of this “pastry chef” at heart. Really, another #SuaCareer goal LOL… those tend to come and go. This one though, I enjoyed, and would love to keep it up as a hobby. Fondant cakes! Back when I was a rookie, (LOL who am I kidding? Still am), I decided to.. from a […]


I Don’t Have a Green Thumb

SO. I got a one of those “good-luck- money-tree- asian-bamboo” plants back in Fall ’09 for a close friend’s parents’ wedding. I decided I’d nurture it, and watch it grow- and hope it’d being me luck and money and whatever. The plant came in like a 5in tall little “vase” with like an inch diameter. […]