DIY & How-to

I tried and probably failed but you should try to “do it yourself”.


MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy Holidays everyone! To all those as relaxed, and as off-from-work as I was, I hope you’re all *still* enjoying the holidays with your family’s and friends. Thought I’d recap my awesome weekend…most importantly because I have a couple of reco’s for yummy desserts that you can still make for the fam before […]


Princess Parties

Yes, I’ve always thought I was a Princess all my life– as I’m sure most of you ladies have too. A walk in any one of these beauties’ shoes (or moccasins- Pocahontas) would suffice, thanks to Disney. Why rub it in Dis? I know my locks can’t flow like Sleeping Beauty’s, or that my abs […]


How to Shop a Sale Rack

Think you know? Most have NO idea. Listen, I love the finer things in life… really. “I’ve never really been one for the preservation of money…”- Drake (and I.) BUT right now… no way I’m fooling myself that I can afford the life and things I want. So there’s NOTHING wrong with looking for savings […]


Chicken Salad

Suaz in the kitchen part 2, sans vlog. My first chicken salad, inspired via my girls Andrea and Ashley who are very very domestic. Nothing like myself, well in the kitchen department that is. I had no idea how easy it is to make, and that you use boiled chicken…um shocker for Suaz, I don’t […]


Spring Cleaning Zipper Detail

Spring cleaning today I tried on all my little numbers- primarily dresses. Jeans are pretty done, I think I have maybe 2 pairs left that are passable- and tops still fit. Here’s the deal, that I’d like to clarify- I only really bought a couple of ‘fat clothes’- otherwise, I was just wearing my clothes […]


Sublime Mousse

Had the sudden urge Saturday to dye my hair back entirely my color- as opposed to a lighter brown growing out 3/4 of the way down. So I went to CVS- where I was inundated with hair coloring products- really, it is SO obnoxious- here’s JUST a section of the slue of L’Oreal products: Anyway, […]