A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior.

Tie Your Belt?

Gone are the days when anyone wears anything the “right” way. I cannot remember where/who I recently saw this- but tying a belt, with a buckle, instead of fastening. Tried it this morning- kind of loved the look! What do you think? Not to mention, I really just needed a solution for the cardigan and belt which […]


Oscars, My Worst & Favs

Just in my opinion… and I’m no Fashion Police extraordinaire- but what in the hell was this: Click on photo for original source- What turned into a mini Oscar party (Mom and I)- was focused on what was going on with this dress. What personally makes me shkeev… many fashion moguls gaga’d over because of […]


Fashion Week Cherry

I have officially for the 3rd time over now- fallen in love with Twitter. Why? Well because I’m a lucky girl today! A couple of days ago I decided to enter this sweeps for 2 tickets to Badgley Mischka‘s show in Fashion Week– with honestly, no intention of winning…I’ve just never won anything before! Was […]


Fashion in Full Force

The smart-ass marketing team over at Mercedes-Benz has done it again. Not only do they sponsor Fashion Week in NY, Miami & Berlin, they’ve now found a way to integrate their cars, new cars. How? Branded as the Mercedes-Benz “Fashion Force”, the 2012 CLS 63 AMG is out on the streets of NYC spotting out “stylesetters” […]


Friday Sequins

Down playing a little sequins fun on this #TGIF! I’ve had this top for some while now, it’s I.N.C! Can never find the right way to wear it- because it reflects SO much in any light. So I like to play it down and make it casual for a nice Saturday of even work day. […]