A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior.

London RTW

For the unfamiliar, RTW stands for, among many things I’m sure, “Ready to Wear,” that is to say fashion that is ready to wear. Fashion that people wear every day, go-to style. Whilst my second trip here in England, I can’t help but notice that most of the ladies in the street all look the […]


2012 Comic-Con: Best of #fashion

Can you say meow? Lea Michele and Jessica Biel’s looks at Comic-Con this year are to die for. Lea, darling,  I love your subtle ombre you look fantastic, and Jessica… engaged has never looked so good; a little mystery meets barbie girl… I love it. See more Comic-Con looks via @GlamourMag, which are your faves? Lea […]


Hit The Deck: Boat Shoes

Thanks @Refinery29 for the reminder that Boat Shoes are all the craze this Spring. I’m excited to say that I am AHEAD of the game. A purchase made for all the wrong reasons (scoping a cheap pair of sneaks to trash on St Patty’s Day,) turned fab by staying atop of trends! The major diff? […]


Spring Already? NYFW ’12

I mean…. can it snow? Is it Winter? Is Spring/Summer REALLY around the corner? I didn’t have the VIP Fashion Week experience I had last year with @BadgleyMischka this year, so I’ve had to keep up with my daily’s emails re what are the hottest pieces hitting the runway for this season. Can I just say…. […]


Hello Golden Globes

Award season… the yearly prom-season for the rich and famous. The wins, FAILS, and talk of the Fashion Police for days. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get dolled up for one night, in borrowed (or purchased,) diamonds, designers gowns, pretty empty clutches (because I wonder what these women really have in those […]