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Favorite Moments of 2013

Inspired by Andy of Style Scrapbook, I thought I’d put together a collection of my favorite (instagrammed) moments of 2013, accompanied by the reason why it was a favorite moment. I hope you all have a happy happy New Year’s Eve! Sending you wishes for a happy, healthy and full-of-love 2014!


Thanksgiving Inspiration

I know, I’ve been totally astray. I miss blogging like I used to! I wish I had more time… life is just cray. If I’m not at work I’m at school, or studying, or maybe trying to enjoy a night with friends. Waaaa, waaaa, wahh. I should stop complaining right? Because I should be thankful. […]


Letter to Me

It’s become pretty clear to me that I have a guilty pleasure thing with the South, country music, Nashville (the show), men in cowboy hats and guitars, and my Lady Antebellum Pandora station. I mean… look at Brad Paisley, so handsome right? Love it. I digress. Whilst walking to work the other day, Brad’s “Letter […]


On Life: Jack Dorsey’s Got it Right

If you don’t know who Jack Dorsey is… go Google him. Jack spoke recently at Y Combinator’s Startup School and Techcrunch was there to later transcribe Jack’s memorable (for me at least) Do and Don’t List – advice which he tries to follow daily. I thought I’d share since today has been one of those days… […]


October in Instagram

Stumbled upon Nikki’s Dream in Neon blog and I loved her idea of recapping the month in Instagram photos. I hope she won’t mind my showing love and recapping my own October via Instagram photos too! To pay homage to her idea appropriately: Nikki first displays the instagram photos posted within the month followed by a […]


Brick and Mortar Girl

This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but in all my social-media- life-sharing-digital-prowess there lies a girl who loves to disconnect sometimes and do things unlike everyone might typically do them nowadays. I’m an old soul y’all and truth be told? I had never ordered from Amazon, or any online shopping […]