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Weekend Recap: Instagram Diary

I had kind of had an awesome weekend and thought I’d share some Instagram lovin’ from it! Check it check it – kicked off Friday with a quick 6PM $27 gel mani at a nail salon I stumbled upon – perfect right? Shortly after, I gracefully made my way to The Seaport to meet the girls for a Happy […]


Calm My Spirit

Anxiety and stress is real y’all. In addition to like the past 2 weeks and then some, today has been absolutely crazy – emotionally and in my head, and like everywhere. So much so that I turned to Google and the interwebs for an appropriate prayer that might help ease the crazy because I honestly had no […]


Tamagotchi is Calling You

Late 80’s babies (growing up in the 90’s) “Tamagotchi” ring a bell? Mini egg-shaped keychain you couldn’t live without? I can’t quite remember whether I had one or not, but I do remember all my friends having one and playing with it. It was the coolest toy ever and if you didn’t have one, well, […]


Rio ’75

Who are you “Rio ’75”? I stumbled on these beautiful words by you yesterday in Hell’s Kitchen and I am now exceedingly curious about you and who you are. Who is this person that’s shared these words with me and every other passerby. A quick Google search reared nothing of substance on an individual per […]


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

I’m obsessed with Amy Winehouse’s cover of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” – a song originally written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King and originally recorded by The Shirelles (wiki.) It’s such a beautifully written song. Lyrics so true, honest, and prudent all at once. Our generation doesn’t feel this way anymore, nor do they ever even express themselves outside of […]


May Day

It’s May 1st and woof(!) time sure flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it?! Before you know it my Mum will be here for my sister’s graduation and my birthday will roll by, in which I will be yet another step closer to 30, followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and…. 2014! Jesus. Time is […]