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Letter to Me

It’s become pretty clear to me that I have a guilty pleasure thing with the South, country music, Nashville (the show), men in cowboy hats and guitars, and my Lady Antebellum Pandora station. I mean… look at Brad Paisley, so handsome right? Love it. I digress. Whilst walking to work the other day, Brad’s “Letter […]


On Life: Jack Dorsey’s Got it Right

If you don’t know who Jack Dorsey is… go Google him. Jack spoke recently at Y Combinator’s Startup School and Techcrunch was there to later transcribe Jack’s memorable (for me at least) Do and Don’t List – advice which he tries to follow daily. I thought I’d share since today has been one of those days… […]


October in Instagram

Stumbled upon Nikki’s Dream in Neon blog and I loved her idea of recapping the month in Instagram photos. I hope she won’t mind my showing love and recapping my own October via Instagram photos too! To pay homage to her idea appropriately: Nikki first displays the instagram photos posted within the month followed by a […]


Brick and Mortar Girl

This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but in all my social-media- life-sharing-digital-prowess there lies a girl who loves to disconnect sometimes and do things unlike everyone might typically do them nowadays. I’m an old soul y’all and truth be told? I had never ordered from Amazon, or any online shopping […]


Buying Happiness

Thanks to my thought-provoking Masters program, every week I’m assigned lots of reading and (new to me!) “watching” Ted Talks and Youtube videos. Ted Talks specifically aren’t new to me, love those videos, but the thought of videos, versus reading in textbooks, is new to me and I don’t know how to feel about it. […]


I Need to Go Shopping

Welcome to the woes of a responsible twenty-something paying off a credit card, among other things. 80% of my weekly check is pre-distributed to credit cards and rent and just… ugh.   Pandora doesn’t ALWAYS get it right with targeted ads, but today they have. A simple reminder that I so desperately need to go […]