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Shark Week

I’m one of those people who has total respect for the ocean and everything that lives in it; I don’t even EAT anything that comes from the water. And so, as I walk to and from work every day eyeing this massive Shark Week billboard… …that, for lack of better words, AdWeek describes as a “Chum-Tossing […]


Questioning Adulthood

Sorry for all the age talk lately, must be the upcoming birthday, but I have to ask my fellow mature 25+ twenty-somethings: Do you ever have moments when you wonder whether you’re officially an adult yet or not? Like, will this be my “voice”, demeanor, thought process, lifestyle… into my 30’s/40’s? Because I had that moment […]


3 Years of Selfishness Left

With a birthday around the corner, it’s dawned on me that the years between 25-30 are the happiest and then the scariest. What else am I supposed to think when bloggers like Her 30’s talk about missing being selfish?! I just came into my “selfish” years (I know, late bloomer)… I don’t want them to […]