Must Haves

Essential possessions.

If I Had a Valentine

It’s totally fine that I don’t have a Valentine this year. Really. Mainly because I don’t have the time to nurture a relationship outside of the ones with myself, school, my family, my BFF’s and my TV shows. But, if I had a Valentine, this blog post would be my gift suggestion post. I’d say […]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Fan of Valentine’s Day or not, I know there are women around the world scratching their heads for good gift ideas for their men. The mushy, lovey-dovey DIY gifts are always great, but does HE appreciate them? Maybe. Maybe not. But what else could he want? Flask? Shoes? Some women may know their men and […]


I Really Want a Dog

I’ve always wanted a dog. Sadly, I can’t have one because the co-op I grew up in, and still live in, has some stupid ancient grandfather law regarding NO DOGS… but cats are ok (?!?!) – don’t even get me started. I’m also allergic to cat and dog dander so even if I could have […]


I Need to Go Shopping

Welcome to the woes of a responsible twenty-something paying off a credit card, among other things. 80% of my weekly check is pre-distributed to credit cards and rent and just… ugh.   Pandora doesn’t ALWAYS get it right with targeted ads, but today they have. A simple reminder that I so desperately need to go […]