Must Haves

Essential possessions.

Hey Girl: Ryan-Gosling-it

Thank you developer geniuses with ladies’ boy crazy interests in mind! You’ve made my really tired day so… much… better. This is not a joke ladies. You can “Ryan Gosling” your web pages with the click of a bookmarklet thanks to Brooklyn-based web developer Katherine Champagne who created the extension while studying at Dev Bootcamp Chicago. Katherine […]


Grad School & Laptop Cases

With grad school around the corner, my Macbook will need to travel with me most days of the week again… because who uses actual notebooks anymore? Actually, I still prefer pen and paper, never mind that question. I have a white Macbook, little ol’ 13 in. I’ve thought of investing in a Macbook Pro because […]


Hello, Warby Parker

I can’t sit here and complain about my Acuvue 2 week disposable contacts because I always wear them longer than I’m supposed to so the following problem is totally my fault; between allergies, end-of-day dryness, and just my dirty hands, my contacts have been on my LAST NERVE. What sucks most is that I’d like […]


Weekend Finds

During a Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) shopping extravaganza we scoured the new and fab Ridge Hill outdoor shopping mall, during which I discovered a couple of hidden gems that I just had to share with you. Among the H&M’s, Victoria Secret’s and Apple’s, we stumbled into Charming Charlie, the amusement park of accessories. They literally carry […]


Headlight Eyelashes

I kind of feel like I REALLY need these. Thank you @alywalansky for sharing this instagram photo of lashes on a Jeep. They are pretty fabulous and I really love them and can someone get me a pair? Apparently it’s a “thing” over at VW on the Beetle.  


Currently Obsessed

Thursday’s on Suazmo means one thing… I’m dishing on things I’m crazy about this week that you should be crazy for too. Enjoy! 1. Coloring Books Sure I’m 25, almost 26 (jesus christ,) but for some reason I find coloring a very relaxing, therapeutic, and fun thing to do. So I bought a 24 pack of […]